Did you ever want to make your own shoes? So did we, That's why we made ONEDAY.

Making ONEDAY's

Making a pair of ONEDAY's is easy. Cut, Punch and Stitch

Design it Yourself

Want to make your own sneakers? Want to design your own sneakers? ONEDAY's are made just for you. Our '4 in 1’ patterns from the Super Low Tops to the Super High Tops are ready to go. We designed them to be simple so you can remake them to be uniquely yours. We are in the middle of our Kickstarter Campaign right now. If we reach our extended funding goals we will soon have more base designs and more instructions on pattern making with the simple ONEDAY patterns. After the Kickstarter campaign you can download the patterns for your size and already get started.

Picking your Material

Sure, you can choose one of our leather options, but you can also search for another material like felt, micro-fibre, neoprene, elastics or Tyvek. Or recycle something. Have an old pair of jeans? Just reinforce it with some textile-glue and you are ready to go. Or how about a leather bag from a second hand store? Want to hand weave shoelaces? Great! Materials are everywhere. Just look around you. Want to lasercut your pattern at your local Fablab or maybe order leather from Ponoko? No problem. We will make laser cutting and etching templates available on our website so you can digitally fabricate your uppers as well.

The Soles

Our Soles are really about the perfect fusion of sole and upper. We selected a classic sole that can adapt to hundreds of different looks.The soles are made from the material SBR Rubber which is known for good abrasion resistance and durability. We selected a European manufacturer to ensure the best quality and high environmental standards.

Lots of people have already made ONEDAY's. We started ONEDAY's as a workshop for students and many people have come to SLEM to make a pair. Check out some of our favorites and send us a picture of yours so we can show everybody!

Find us on Kickstarter!

We are currently running a kickstarter campaign to run a production of soles to make ONEDAY possible for everyone. We have lots of different options and our basic kit is less than 40$.

The Basic Kit

The ONEDAY Basic Kit includes: soles, thread, patterns, design template and a special shoe needle.

The Full Kit

The ONEDAY Full Kit includes: everything in the Starter Kit + leather (one of our 4 colors), PU footbeds and laces.

The Deluxe Kit

The ONEDAY Deluxe Kit includes: everything in the Starter Kit + 100% vegetable tanned leather, cork footbeds and laces.

Lots More!

Want the book a workshop at a SLEM footwear innovation center? Want the ONEDAY team to come to you and make shoes with you or run a workshop at your school, company or where ever? Want to come and make shoes with us? We have options for you!